Blind Sex Dates Episode #2 Blind Sex Dates Episode #2 Studio: Smash Pictures

Actors : Tianna Lynn

Synopsis : "All Dates Aren't Madeiin Heaven" Bishopís Blind Sex Dates picks-up where theiother dating shows stop! We send our couplesito some of theiwildest places andiwatch theifun unfold. The only requirement isithat you allow our camerasito follow you theientire date. Puff-Puff-Pass Tiana & Ryan Tiana isia blast. This girl really knows howito haveia good time. On theiother hand, Ryan wasia bit nervous andihadia tough time working with her personality. It wasias if this was his first date ever. The Date: Ryan takes Tianaito Palooka Pipe,ia smoke shopito do some hooka smoking. Not suchia great start. She hated anditheidamn hooka thing didn't even work. The character drawing thing was lame, but overall theibeach was good. Dinner time isiwhen things really started heating upias Tiana started servin' him spicy conversation at theidinner table. Erin & Donnie Duck-Duck-Goose Erin isijust straight out gorgeous andiDonnie knows he's gotia hottie onihis hands. At times he triesito hard. Donnie, you're oni"Bishop's Blind Sex Dates." The odds areiin your favor buddy. The Date: These two started off really rough. Donnie takes Erinito feed some ducks at theipond. Onlyito find Erin gets so wrapped upiin theiducks, she forgets all about Donnie. Donnie beginsito pout likeia little kid. From there theitwo goito Salsa dancing where Donnie pulls offia few smooth moves, earnia few points andiisiright backiin theigame. Then it's dinnerifor theitwo at Mon Sushi. What did theitwo doifor desert? Watch andisee... Capoira Dance Michelle & Sergio These two makeia really cute couple. Michelle isicharmed byiSergio's age andimaturity. He treats her like she likesito be treated. The Date: The date starts off withia flower andia kiss. Not too bad. Goodifor him. They make their wayitoia psychicito have their tarot cards read. This goes well. During theipicnicia little romance andicutesy shit takes place, but not even theipsychic could have predicted what takes placeiin Sergioís hotel room.
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